Become An Influencer!

Next Search is September 2nd!
All pets with their own Instagram are welcome to apply!

 How To Apply? 

Follow our Instagram for frequent updates on when and how to apply! Instructions will be posted when the time comes.

We are looking for fun, silly, floofy and fabulous pets to join our ever growing team! 

If you like our message, taking cute photo's of your pet, the products and love supporting small business then you should apply!

 "What's In It For Me?" 

Not only do you get to test out to see if you like our team or even if you just like to model, it is a short seasonal term you get to try before joining our official Kitty Corner Shop Ambassador team, or if you choose not to that is ok too! It is why we hold seasonal positions to see if it's right for you or if it's something you'd like to support!

You also get 20% off all personal orders, for every 5th time your code is used you get a free bandana(not for personal orders or other influencers/ambassadors) and early sneak peaks! You are joining a supportive and kind community that will not just follow you, but interact with each other and have a genuine friendship!

As our team continues to grow we would love to welcome you to our pawsome community of pet lovers and adorable models and hope you enjoy working with us as much as we enjoy continuing to make cute things for you and your fur pals!

Hope to see you on our team!

And if you were not chosen, don't feel frustrated as we have lots of entries and there is always another upcoming chance!