Tales of Street Cats

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Sleeping Kitten




Licking Cat



Finding A Furrever Friend


"This is our newest rescue Marty. We found him through a local catrescue foster program in the Nipawin area. Our youngest kitty Bugsy was hitand killed on the road 6 weeks ago. I was devastated because we rescued himfrom 2 days old. His mom was hit on the road near nipawin and he was the onlybaby. We loved him so much but at only 15 months we lost him. My husbandconvinced me for a little while that I did not need another cat but then Ifound Marty!! Love him so much!" - Michelle A


Phil & Leo

" I wasn’t a cat person at all... Until one night my boyfriend and I got home from a party late at night and we were locked out of my house. We walked to my mom and dad’s and were followed into the house by a small black and white cat. I tried to find an owner and couldn’t, so I took him to the Humane Society but they were full and had no room for strays. At this point I decided I had to keep him. I named him Phil and fell in love. After a few months I knew that one cat, two cats, what would be the difference? So I went back to the Humane Society and asked which cat had been there the longest. They pointed out an orange, long haired fluff. Leo was an adult cat and had been rescued from a Northern community before spending 8 MONTHS at the shelter! He was extremely shy and timid. I took him home and now have my two boys, I love them both more than anything and have become a proud, crazy cat lady. I am no on my fourth foster cat and can say my boys have been the best foster brothers to every cat I take in." ❤️☺️-- Courtney T

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